Coyote Tuning’s Brisbane location is home to a Mainline 1200HP four-wheel drive load-controlled Dynamometer where, alongside master tuning equipment and skilled technicians, the full potential of your vehicles engine is released, only permitting the best result to be achieved for all our clients and their vehicles.


Coyote Tuning has built a solid reputation specialising in Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ vehicles for many years. The change of ownership and rapid growth of Coyote has welcomed a tuning evolution to suit a broader selection of vehicles. Ranging from Euro, Japanese, American and now Diesel tuning - the best is yet to come.


Dyno Tuning allows for accurate analysis of an engines current operating parameters including power, torque and responsiveness whilst being monitored within a controlled environment. Dyno tuning your vehicle is beneficial in numerous situations where you may be experiencing rigid fuel economy, decreased engine responsiveness, change of driving suitability including racing and towing conditions, aging of the vehicle, installation of aftermarket parts or if you're just curious about your engines capabilities.


At Coyote, Dyno Tuning is carried out to not only generate an increase in your vehicles power, torque, response figures and in some cases fuel economy, but to ensure utmost safety, reliability and drivability. All of Coyote Tuning's custom tuning files are uniquely created by our team whilst being 100% customised to each vehicle. This means that unlike others, they are not a generic 'Flash and Go' tune and have not been sourced externally i.e. internet/overseas. Our Skilled Technicians spend several hours with your vehicle on the Dyno carefully calibrating figures and air/fuel ratios to ensure your vehicles runs how it should - not too lean and not too rich! 

Coyote Tuning prides itself on the top standard of customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your tune, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Meet The Team

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